Lasik further has many types, one of them is the wave front Lasik or the customized Lasik as popularly known in the medicine world.

Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery

Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery or Wavefront guided LASIK are two names to the same type of surgery. This is sometimes even called customized LASIK surgery. This is not one of the many mandatory surgeries that might exist in the medicine world for people who have eye sight defects but is one of the surgeries the selection to which is on your very own disposal. The success and failure of the surgery completely depends on the precision of the equipment used and the expertise of the doctor performing the surgery.

Wavefront LASIK eye surgery is perhaps a combination of LASIK surgery, with the ophthalmologist applying a distinct yet different correction into the eye. A computer completely monitors the installation of the correction therefore making sure that it is guided at the right place and the results would be completely positive. The accuracy of such surgery is being ensured by the high technology that is being used in the process.

The Wavefront LASIK eye surgery is the type that is pretty different from the conventional types of LASIK surgery where they just focus on the rectification of the focusing power of the cornea. Instead, the type uses excellent precise wave front sensors that are guided by the laser technology that are responsible for the ultimate accuracy of the whole process. Excimer laser has been used for the process as to make the surgery a successful one. The complete surgery involves the use of measurements of the eye structure so that the installation and alteration are done precisely.

Wavefront LASIK eye surgery is perhaps very successful around the world with a few limitations though. The surgery does not produce extra ordinary results amongst people of older age groups. The microscope images scatter in them making the process an ineffective one compared to the default degree of precision provided by the surgery. As the scattering of microscopic diagrams does not let the doctor have a clear picture of what is running inside the eye, the process becomes difficult to take place as the foremost thing in this surgery is a complete observation and study of the internal eye structure of the subject being considered for the surgery.

The traditional LASIK comes with a couple of demerits as well that include a blurry vision when the light exposure is not proper of halo effect during night time. This has made them become ineffective in front of the laser guided wave front LASIK eye surgery. The process provides you with a vision as good as the original one because of the fact that this uses extremely high class technology. You come across no blurry effects as well as no halo effects even while driving through nights. Doctors who have been doing the wave front LASIK eye surgery even claim that this surgery type provides results that are even acceptable to people of older age groups for it has no comparison available in the market. Though, there are a few limitations, but the concept of getting a “super vision” is pretty effective.

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