Wave front guided LASIK

Wave front guided LASIK is also termed as Wave front LASIK surgery or customized LASIK surgery. This surgery type is perhaps the most precise and the accurate surgery type available in the market. The surgery is not a must to the vision disturbed people instead this is the type of surgery that is being marketed by surgeons from around the world in order to improve your sight or to remove any defects from the process thereof.

The wave front guided LASIK surgery is a combination of LASIK surgery, an ophthalmologist applies a distinct yet different correction into the eye, the installation of which is being controlled by the computer completely to make it as accurate as possible and giving extremely accurate results eventually. 

The type does not use the traditional type of LASIK surgery where the correction to the focusing power of the cornea is being made. Laser guided wave front sensors are used in the whole process adding absolute level accuracy to the process. The type of laser used in the whole process of Wave front LASIK surgery is the Excimer laser. Special measurements of the eye structure are taken prior to the surgery itself.

The ultimate goal of spending around $2500 is to achieve the perfect eye that gives optically accurate results when exposed to different situations around in the daily life. The final result partially depends on the success of the physician observing the lacking inside the eye as well as providing the perfect remedy to them. The healing processes are also considered in the whole unit therefore giving the best possible result. One should try and consult a specialized doctor for the process so that the money does not go in vain. The accuracy from the doctor is one of the many prime factors that need to be considered in the whole process.

The process though has some limitations when it comes to the older patients where the scattering from microscope play significant role in outrunning the potential benefits that wave front LASIK can bring them with. Therefore, old aged individuals are requested not to expect their vision turning to perfect through LASIK. They are advised not to dream about “super vision” as the corrected form is called.

The surgeons still claim that patients even from the old age group are satisfied from this surgery type then any of the other methods available in the market as the technique used by this is still way more comprehensive than the earlier types. They also claim that with the precision that they provide, one can easily get rid of all the blurry effects as well as the halo effects that one might come across after having gone through a traditional LASIK.

The results have been remarkably good for quite some time now and that is the reason why the United States Air Force has described wave front guided LASIK to be giving excellent results as compared to everything else in the market. This is probably because the technology being used in the whole process has no match and a competition in terms of improved method might take long before coming to the surgery world.

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