Side effects of LASIK surgery

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LASIK surgery is one of the many renowned surgery types around the world. Because of the fact that LASIK surgery provides more precision and better results, the type is used in organs that demand absolute care and proper attention while they are being dealt with. The major target organs include eye primarily as it is perhaps one of the most delicate organs in the body.

LASIK laser surgery takes place when it comes to eyes to ensure better and accurate results as well as better productivity.

Undergone the surgery process, one might come across the many possible side effects that come along with the process. These side effects might be the temporary ones or the long termed ones. It depends on the immune system of one individual compared to the other that sets the risk of being vulnerable to all the possible side effects. The side effects might occur in one individual while the other may adapt to the situation making no difference to the overall state.

In the beginning…

In the beginning, the subject might feel mild discomfort after being moved through the LASIK bladeless surgery in the starting two to three days. This might prolong to a maximum of one week. Apart from the pain, you might come across the tearing effect in your eye.

The subject might see red or pink spots on the white regions in your eyes that would possibly cause itching. As the organ needs to set down completely after the surgery, therefore, the subject undergone surgery would possibly have his vision hazy or blurry on occasion. It also gives a dry sensation to the eyes in contrast to the wet feeling that normally persists.

The first month after LASIK surgery would give you added problems during night time by worsening your vision with lights and you might see the halo effect around lights making it really hard to drive through nights.As most of the side effects start vanishing pretty soon, one needs not to worry until they don’t disappear for quite some time. After which the consultant surgeon should be reported.

Side Effects

Parallel to the temporary side effects, there are a couple of long term ones as well. The only major long term side effect of LASIK eye surgery is that you might lose a part of your vision in the whole process. The rest of the whole range of side effects can be treated well with proper care and better surveillance.

Amongst the complete patient range, there are a very few of them who get their complete vision restored yet causing issues with visibility in artificial light. They have issues looking at light sources during night time. The halo effects, glaring effect or double vision is what they come up with during night time or while in fog where the contrast ration naturally provided is low.

Another of the long term side effect is a continuity of the temporary side effect. As a result of the surgery, the eye does not produce tears to wash the organ naturally therefore making it dry overall. The dryness causes itching and discomfort to your eye eventually. A drop therapy needs to be done in this case.

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