Lasik eye operation

LASIK Eye Surgery and How it Affects You

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LASIK surgery is the answer to the prayers of many people who have trouble dealing with poor vision. There are a lot of people who wish for eyesight that is flawless and perfect. Glasses and contact lenses help but your eyes get dependent on them and then it’s nearly impossible to see without them. Besides, not everyone likes wearing glasses or contacts. Whether it’s due to a fashion sense or just plain dislike for both, there are many people who look for an alternative. With LASIK eye surgery, they may have the perfect option. The surgery permanently reshapes the cornea (the transparent covering in front of your eye) by a technical procedure involving a laser. A cut is made in the cornea using a blade and/or a laser device. The cut section is centred on an axis which allows the surgeon to fold it back which exposes the middle section of the cornea.

A laser that is controlled by a computer amends a segment of it and the section that was cut is then restored. A shelter is placed over the cut section to prevent any injuries or damages to it. The surgery basically alters the system with which your eye reflects light coming toward it. LASIK surgery is the best possible solution for those people who wish for 20/20 vision but refuse to wear glasses or contact lenses. For modern women of today, it is the perfect answer. The majority of women are highly fashion conscious in this era and avoid wearing glasses for exactly this reason. Contact lenses are a chore to take care of and most people just want to avoid all the bother and fuss associated with them. Women nowadays want to look chic and wearing eye glasses is not part of their regime. So for them, this surgery is an ideal solution. Athletes often complain about having to wear contacts or glasses out on the playing field which makes them acutely uncomfortable. It hinders their smooth performance and turns into a nuisance.

Again, LASIK surgery is the way out of this frustration and irritation associated with poor vision. A major leading force for this surgery is that you might never have to be troubled about your sight again. There are so many people with weak eyesight who would give just about anything for vision that is in no way flawed. The prospects of a better future are now much more enhanced with the advent of this surgery. Many people have brighter opportunities which can be easily availed due to the LASIK eye surgery. But there are some factors that cannot be ignored. Potential candidates that may be riskier than others include teenagers below the age of 18, pregnant women, and sometimes those candidates who have previously been afflicted with diseases of the eyes. The thickness of the cornea is also a vitally important issue that should be examined before the surgery is scheduled. Some doctor’s claim that the frequent use of contact lenses distorts the natural shape of the cornea and then the patients are no longer viable for the surgery.

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