Laser Vision Surgery

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Laser vision surgery is increasingly gaining popularity as it cures, shortsightedness, myopia, long-sightedness, hyperopia and astigmatism with laser light exposure, permanently without leaving any negative impact on the eyes of the treatment seeker. It is basically a modern refractive surgery and requires a short period of time to cure the patient. It is mostly preferred as it is a painless and most successful vision corrective measure.  

People get rid of their glasses and contact lenses by thelaser vision surgery. The people with the problem of shortsightedness usually see the near objects clearer then the ones placed far away. Where as in farsightedness person finds it difficult to focus and clearly see the objects which are placed near by. The problem of blurred vision due to excessive light captured by retina is known as astigmatism.

All the eye problems must be understood before you understand the working of laser treatment as it address all the problems accordingly. In simple words, the operation is based on the exposure of laser light onto the lens after creating flap under the corneal tissue.

The laser beam is the means through which the laser rays reshape the cornea to cure the vision problem. This treatment is quick and after the operation, patient is given anti inflammation eye drops along with some suitable antibiotics to fix the vision soon. It is advised to take good sleep after operation so the eye lens may rest to recover soon. Another benefit of this surgery is the time period in which it is done.  

Laser Vision Surgery Risks

You will be relaxed to hear that it requires hardly 5 minutes to do the laser vision surgery. But before you decide to go for this treatment, you need a thorough examination by your eye specialist so he may identify risks if there is any. But usually there is no risk involved in the operation if you are below the age of 40. The people over the age of 40 usually have various health problems which make the case complex. Especially the diabetic patients need thorough examination and monitoring to control blood sugar level before going through any kind of operation.

It is due to the fact that high blood sugar does not allow the healing the wounds caused by operation and dissections. So it is necessary to see the condition of patient before deciding for the surgery suitable for a particular patient. The time has gone when there was only one surgery of eyes that was used for all kinds of vision troubles.

Now you can choose among many operation choices for yourself after consulting an eye specialist. Laser treatment will really make you able to see without glasses and contact lenses with in few days. It has been proved safe by the food and drug administration ofUSA for all patients so it can be fearlessly trusted. So with the help of this surgery you can make your dream of correct eye sight come true. But as it is expensive, every one can not afford this laser surgery.

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