Lasik eye operation

Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

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Lasik eye operation is by far the most advanced method available of restoring poor vision. LASIK, or Laser Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis is the most common laser eye procedure performed, with thousands of successful procedures performed since its begun. Prior to actually being scheduled for laser eye operation, your surgeon will perform a very comprehensive eye examination and will give you opportunities to ask questions about this procedure.

Your well-balanced examination will include a retina exam, glaucoma test and careful measurements of a number of areas of your eyes. Your surgeon will discuss the procedure with you and inform you of any possible risks or maybe complications. You will then be asked to sign an informed consent form. Be sure
you completely understand the form before signing. Your physician will also give some advise of anything you need to do before the operation, such as not wearing contacts or make-up for a period of time.


The LASIK operation

The LASIK operation itself is an outpatient surgical procedure, which is usually performed in the physicians office or surgical centers. The surface of the eye will be numbed with anesthetic eyedrops. In the operation itself, a very thin flap is made to the outer layer of the eyeball with an instrument named microkeratome

The excimer laser is then used to remove a very thin layer of tissue beneath the flap to reshape the cornea. The amount and intensity of lasik energy required for correction of your problem is programmed into the lasers computer. After the cornea is rebuilded, the flap is placed back over the cornea where it will adhere to the eyeball. The entire surgical procedure should take an average ten to fifteen minutes to complete and finish.

The healing process after a laser eye surgery procedure is fairly quick. There will likely be some blurry vision on the day of the operation and you may experience a soft burning sensation for a few hours after the procedure. Your doctor may give you prescription eye drops to keep your eyes moist and prevent any kind of infection. A follow up visit will usually be scheduled within 24-48 hours after the surgery, and then at regular intervals for the first 5 months after operation.

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