Laser eye surgery or Lasik is getting more and more popular by the minute.

Laser Eye Surgery and The Risks Involved

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Laser eye surgery or Lasik is getting more and more popular by the minute. If given a chance people will without a doubt prefer Lasik eye surgery to wearing glasses or contact lenses in order to correct certain problems in vision, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  

Wearing eyeglasses can be embarrassing sometimes because they can alter your looks in one way or the other. Wearing contact lenses, too, can be uncomfortable at times. With laser eye surgery, however, you practically get brand new eyes.  

The success rate of this type of surgery is very high and the benefits you get from this can last a lifetime. Nonetheless, since it involves a surgical procedure, there are also risks involved. 

Lasik are very rare

Actually, the complications of lasik are very rare. The thing is they could happen to anybody, including you, so it’s only natural that you talk this matter with your doctor first and give this thing a lot of thought before submitting yourself to the procedure.  

One of the likely complications is epithelial ingrowth. Epithelial ingrowth may just heal on its own, but there are cases when minor treatment is necessary. You may also get a dislocated corneal cap, for which stitches will need to be applied.  

A lot of people may however be led to believe that lasik eye surgery is a miracle cure to vision problems. Middle-aged patients may still need to use their reading glasses even after going through the surgery.  

Always talk to your doctor first before you go through with the procedure. Not everyone is qualified to have laser eye surgery, after all. In fact this is recommended to those above 18 years old who are not pregnant nor is suffering from an existing medical condition. The cornea must be in good health as well.   

Though the risks and complications are very rare, they nonetheless can happen, so you must come prepared for any eventuality.

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