Facts associated with the Lasik Eye Surgery

Astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia are three extremely dangerous eye diseases which can only be corrected by the continuous use of some glasses or ultimately laser treatment is suggested for the patients having them. Lasik is that kind of laser treatment by which the treatment of these eye diseases is done. Preferably this treatment is suggested by the opticians rather than wearing the eye glasses all the time. The process basically involves the reshaping of the cornea; it is a very sensitive process. The surgeons need to be very careful and all the treatment must be error free.

Basically this treatment is done for the corrective measures of the eyes that have any refractive error. This type of error is basically formed due to any problem occurring in the connection between the lens and the cornea. These two, when in proper order, are responsible for the corrective eye sight. But when the opposite happens, there is the need to either wear corrective lenses or get the laser treatment. The three types of eye sight defects that we have mentioned can be expressed as the person having either short or far sightedness and the astigmatism can be explained as a person having weak eyesight either it be for the far or for the closer objects. Some people might also face all the three kinds of defects.

The surgeons check the depth of problem by taking the initial examination. Then the ophthalmologist prepares a flap that is known to be of the tissues of the cornea. After that the cornea is treated in a way already suggested by the surgeon. They already check the defects arising in the position or the shape and then by the help of the laser treatment, they do the process. It must be remembered that the process is not that easy. For the surgeon it is very hard to handle all the consequences if any thing went wrong. Eye is a very sensitive part of our body, during any of these processes; if anything is mishandled it can cause a lot of trouble more importantly for the patient because ultimately he is the one suffering from any side effect.

The process is quite safe as for the patients; they are given all the details before the treatment. They are not given any anesthesia and the treatment is done in their full senses, but for the safer side their eyes are given some drops of anesthesia. They are also given the further instructions as to how to do the after care. They are given some medication courses and are also given various instructions regarding the handling and doing daily routine work in proper way without giving any harm to the operated eye. They are also advised to wear some kind of glasses, which might eventually, protect these people help save their operated eyes. It is also noted that the Lasik treatment is only recommended after the complete physical checkup of the patient.

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