Contact Lenses vs Eyeglasses

Contact Lenses vs Eyeglasses – Facts You Should Know About

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Facts You Should Know About

If you have impaired vision and are wearing eyeglasses, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Besides that, they can be embarrassing. It alters your appearance, for one thing, and especially if you have very weak eyesight and have to wear high powered glasses, your eyes will look a lot bigger than they really are.

Teenagers especially are very particular about their looks and about the strong possibility of being made fun of because of their appearance. Since kids this age are particularly prone to psychological breakdowns, there ought to be some remedy to this problem — and there is, in fact, in the form of contact lenses.

Moreover, wearing glasses can result to a depression in vision or a blind spot which is created by the edge of the spectacle’s frame. People with this disorder, which is medically termed spectacle scotoma, are more at risk to meet road accidents more so if they are driving and have to glance quickly in the side view mirror. Obviously, you are not going to develop spectacle scotoma if you wear contact lenses.

Wearing Eyeglasses

Another drawback in wearing eyeglasses with different vision for the right and left eye is the difficulty of your sight to adjust to the magnification. This problem can be resolved if you take those glasses off and replace them with contact lenses.  

As you can see, you get plenty of advantages wearing contact lenses instead of eye glasses. Physically, you will look a lot better, restoring your confidence or increasing your confidence level. Healthwise, you get to prevent problems such as spectacle scotoma and magnification problems.  

If you are already wearing eyeglasses, it’s time to switch to a new look and a healthier you with contact lenses. Make a smart move and talk to your ophthalmologist now. Contact lenses are the best alternative to eyeglasses.

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