Bladeless LASIK

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A new technology of Lasik surgery is available for people who are afraid of surgery done with blades or Microkeratome. Bladeless Lasik or IntraLase Lasik is simple and intended to reduce use of glasses and lenses. It is a type of Lasik operation which is done by laser technology.

There are two type of lasers used in bladeless surgery.

Femtosecond laser

This laser directs laser energy accurately to generate a thin, hinged flap, which then is elevates temporarily from the eye’s surface or cornea.  

Excimer laser

Energy from this type of laser is applied to the recently exposed eye surface, where tissue is isolated in an accurate outline to modify the cornea’s shape. Bladeless LASIK cost ranges from $500 to $1000 per eye this price also includes aftercare. There many advantages of Bladeless Lasik such as fast recovery, better vision after surgery. Bladeless Lasik has fewer side effects and no eye infection.  

In years to come ophthalmologist will be proficient to join IntraLase with wavefront technology so that the procedure is fast more reliable and surgeon are more assured that the procedure is as good as it can be. IntraLase is a modern new technique in which the surgeon programs the preferred depth and location of the corneal flap into a computer, producing the making of the flap an exceptionally safe and precise method. The benefits of bladeless Lasik is that all procedure is pre-programmed in IntraLase computer the work of the surgeon is only to measure size of cornea and input this data into IntraLase machine. Blade Lasik causes no bleeding and does not harm vision, and external part of eye. IntraLase has the lowest prevalence of flap complication such as curtailed flap, crumple etc. When people go to LASIK provider they usually recommend bladeless Lasik because there is less risk of eye damage using this type of surgery and less infection after surgery.  Regardless of the fact that bladeless is more convenient type of surgery but it is slower than traditional Lasik surgery.

Bladed Surgery

Bladed surgery causes less swelling of eye because energy is not produced during procedure as used in laser. Brian Boxer Wachler (Managing Director of Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Los Angeles) and Vance Thompson (Managing Director of Sioux Vally Clinic refractive surgery director and assistant professor of ophthalmology professor at the University Of South Dakota School Of Medicine) , two most popular eye surgeons have debated on the Bladeless Lasik and Bladed Lasik. Both surgeons are in favour of both type of Lasik surgery Bladed and Bladeless but they differ in choosing the method for simple Lasik surgery.  Now a day’s new technology for LASIK are being produced. These technologies are combination of femtosecond laser and excimer laser. The lasers are:- ZLASIK These are developed by Zimmer Ophthalmic Systems in this laser an arm is attached to femtosecond laser and can be utilize with any excimer laser.


This laser is used with 20/10 refractive vision. This laser is also combined with excimer laser.


This type of surgery is performed by combining bladeless Lasik with a laser namely Carl Zeiss Meditec Mel 80. The whole system name is referred as VisuMax femtosecond laser system.

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